The Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes to the Flower Arrangements for Your Wedding

We can all agree upon one thing here: your wedding day is important. And so are the flower arrangements.

Here are some ground rules to go by:

The Do’s:

  • Decide on the place to set the arrangements. You will be able to adjust the shape and size of the arrangements as you go along.
  • See the bigger picture. Visit the reception room ahead and try to imagine it with flowers. What kind would they be?
  • Trust your florist. Share your vision with him but let him do his work. After all, that is why you hired the man.
  • Think smart. Reuse the flowers from the ceremony for the reception room. You get more with less money
  • Choose a color palette that best defines you.
  • Choose different flowers with the same color or the same flower with different colors.
  • Have fun with mixtures, sizes and shapes.

The Dont’s:

  • Don’t be afraid to choose closed flowers. It adds a little originality to your arrangement.
  • Don’t choose the same size, shape and color for the whole arrangement. It will look stuffy.
  • And don’t choose only one color, or it might look like trying to find Waldo. Choose an accent color as well.
  • Don’t choose cheap. One single stem of silk Phalaenopsis orchid placed inside a glass bowl in the center of the table is more classy and chic than a bunch of twenty roses.
  • Don’t choose too strongly scented flowers, as they might upset the more sensitive or allergic guests

And remember, sometimes you can think of flowers as an extension of your apparel: if you can’t see yourself wearing the colors together, then it most probably wouldn’t be a great idea to mix those colors in flower arrangements either.

Tips and Tricks for the Floral Arrangement of Your Life

Planning a wedding can be nerve-wrecking, and if you are a couple of months away from the reception and you feel like you have nothing scheduled and start to panic, then the following lines are written for you. Simply acknowledge that some things are bound to happen a bit differently than you expected them, no matter how much time you put into planning.

For instance, flowers are an important part of the wedding. What if the florist made some changes to your flower arrangement ideas? Or, what if you end up paying a lot more than you initially planned?

But if you can stick to some basic rules regarding the floral arrangement planning, you should be just fine:

  • plan your budget – and make sure the florist knows about it from the start
  • less is more
  • pick your color

No matter the money you have in your pocket, you cannot go wrong when you make a list of flowers for your bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets, the groom’s and the groomsmen boutonnieres, as well as the table centerpieces. This is a minimal checkup list. From here on, you can add a flower bridal arch, petals on the carpet for when you are walking down the aisle, flower decorations for the dance area at the reception. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend really. So plan your budget ahead.

You might get your inspiration from magazines or surfing the internet. But whatever you choose, remember not to overdo it. And stick to the color you chose. You can have different tones of the main color, but make sure you will not end up with a rainbow theme.

And speaking about decisions, the most important decision in wedding arrangement is choosing your florist. Be sure to let him know what you prefer and what you can afford.

Add Some Color to the Wedding Flower Bouquet and to the Whole Wedding Theme

Let’s face it girls, we have been dreaming of the moment when we are walking down the aisle, towards the love of our life, ever since we can remember. We have all gazed with a dash of envy at those beautiful and utterly complete women, in perfectly white lace dresses, with that mystical look under the veil upon their faces and their gorgeous flower bouquets in their hands.

If you have planned your wedding for so long, you must have thought about your wedding bouquet. But do you know that each flower has a different meaning? From the late Victorian times, the bridal bouquet had an important part in the wedding. For instance, Calla lilies symbolize beauty, purity and innocence, while the frail Iris embodies the message of faith and wisdom. And although a yellow rose might suggest jealousy, you must not take this too seriously when planning your wedding. Who’s to say that a beautiful yellow rose bridal bouquet is to be frowned upon? After all, this is your day and there are no right or wrong decisions when selecting flowers for your wedding.

You can also choose the theme color that suits you and your loved one. Color themes are important when planning a wedding. From the brides and bridesmaids’ bouquets to the boutonnieres for the groom or groomsmen, from the centerpiece to the dance area of the reception, you can plan them to have a matching color such as gold, lilac, or light green. You can even pick this color when choosing invitations or bridesmaids’ dresses. So everything is linked to everything else, much like you and your loved one.

Whatever colors or flowers you choose, make it your own and be sure to enjoy the happiest moment of your life.