Casper mattress pros and cons

My husband sleeps on his back, I’m a side or belly sleeper. I napped on it for 4 hours when we got back from vacation and noticed when i woke that my blankets were still in the same form when I had laid down, that is not usual for me. A couple nights ago I swapped out my old mattress for this new one and slept on it for a few nights. The smell is barely noticeable anymore especially with sheets and a comforter installed. Usually they are all twisted and messed up from tossing and turning.

I can only assume they either did not wait the full 72hrs or something isn’t right with their boxspring, bed, or lower support. I’m using mine on a newly purchased platform bed and no complaints about the quality of the mattress. Still, i am very impressed with the quality and I plan to write an updated review after it’s been slept on for awhile. I would absolutely recommend a thinner Casper mattress if you are planning to put these in bunk beds. I bought it on sale for $179. 5 years ago I paid $300 for a similar Casper mattress. $179 is dirt cheap for a queen sizes mattress.


here was no strong odor. Thought at first it would not expand all the way but waited 72 hours and looks great. My bed doesn’t have smooth edges can see the layers but not a deal breaker. My only complaint is, obviously as Casper mattresses (for coupon click here) go its all personal option. This one feels too firm. At first feeling like a marshmallow when you lay on it, (and the feelings the same months later) but its firm enough where if you lay on your stomach or back, slightly resembles a slab. I am well pleased with this quality product. I expect it will give many years of great service.

Overall, I think I can live with the mattress and suspect that it may just take some time to break in. If it does get more comfortable as I suspect it may, I will update the review.

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