How to Choose A Mattress For A Teenager

Good physical condition and health of every child are based on the proper posture, which is actively forming during teenage. It is the period, when human intensively grows and develops. To prevent rachiocampsis, scoliosis and other kinds of spinal deformity, it is important to fix the right pose of the body – no matter when waking or sleeping. Right choice of the best mattress for a teenager is the ground of his or her perfect health.

The Type of the Mattress

Medical specialists recommend orthopedic mattresses. They help to proper pose the body during sleeping; provide a full relaxation of the vertebrae and the locomotor apparatus. It is an effective measure of preventing various spine diseases, which is particularly actual for teenagers. The loads of the spine increase significantly in school years. Soft mattresses is not a good choice for a growing body. They must be elastic enough, so a models with independent spring sets would be a better variant. They provide required support during sleeping. Springs precisely adapt to the body’s structure and shape, thus helping to fix the anatomically correct position of the spine and preventing any deformation.

Mattress for Teenager

Another advised type for a teenager is a springless mattress, which is made from latex. The filler provides the right pose of the backbone. The mattress must ideally repeat all curves of the body, providing relaxation of muscles and ligaments and supporting the spine.

Parameters of the Quality

While choosing the appropriate model, pay attention to following parameters. Mattress should be made of natural or synthetic, but environment-friendly and hypoallergenic materials. Durability, heat and moisture exchange and air circulation must be also provided. The most popular fillers for mattresses are latex, polyurethane foam, coconut and struttofiber. For example, latex is a natural material, which is produced from the sap of the rubber tree. It has moisture-resistant and antiseptic properties and reliability. It can withstand up to thirty years of use.


Teenagers grow very quickly. To avoid buying a new mattress soon, it is highly recommended to purchase a bigger one. You may even choose a standard model for an adult, which is also suits the tall child.

Depending On the Weight

For a child of an average weight most of mattresses with independent springs will be convenient, including models with latex or coir filler. In the event of a corpulent teenager, more hard models should be chosen – springless mattresses or equipped with reinforced springs, for instance. They must keep the form reliably. For slim children soft mattresses with high load sensitivity will be an optimal decision. Such models react even to small loads, that is why they can be used in this case.

You can buy the mattress in special salons, in furniture stores or in e-shops. However, probably the best solution for buying the mattress for a teenager should be complex and include specialists’ recommendations and mattress reviews, teenager’s individual characteristics and his or her preferences. Child must participate in the purchasing. He or she can try and decide, which model is more comfortable to the personal use.

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