This mattress is strong, so far so good

That time includes the unpacking, reading directions, putting together the frame, the brackets and the headboard. All of the parts and tools and pieces were there and organized. He sleeps on my bed most nights and jumps around in the morning when it’s time for him to go out and this Casper mattress and use $50 coupon code for platform has not shown any signs of wear/tear or weakness. The instructions were clear and the quality is great! Either my husband or I lay in bed with our littlest every night and read with her and it feels secure for our adult body weight.
I have a box spring and Casper mattress on this frame and it’s doing a great job at supporting everything. There are two support beams that open out with little hooks at the ends. I immediately went home and tore down my old bed and proceeded to unpack the new base. I don’t understand how that’s possible but it is. We are on hardwood floor as well and up against a wall.

I had to send the first frame back because it had a small bend but I felt like that could have been the beginning of the end so I sent it back. Got the next one and inspected it thoroughly and it was good to go. It was total breeze to set up (slide out from package, unfold each frame, attach with the provided fly nuts and joining screws, and slide the Casper mattress back on – 10 minutes. My mattress is heavy enough that sliding on the frame isn’t a problem. Because I have a box spring it does slide once in a great while, but it takes one second to slide it back. I have more under the bed storage than ever.


It said it could be a box spring too, so mattress eliminated the cost of needing to buy one of those- thereby making it cheaper. And it was a good height, as well as the exact same size as the mattress I had chosen for her. So I wish listed this bed frame until I could get one at tax time, and here it has sat in her room ever since.

Tighten down the wing nut. After you get the legs braced you slide the two frames side by side, slide a bolt and spacer from one frame to the other and tighten with a wing nut. I put my Tuft and Needle Mattress on it after I got done.

Watch out because I did see other frames by the same manufacturer and even with the same name that did have sharp, pointy corners – perhaps those with corners are an earlier version.

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