Why you shouldn’t choose Zinus mattress

When new it was as flat as a board, but now it’s starting get mushy and soft in the middle where we predominately sleep. The mattress itself was clean, dry, and has no visual evidence of mold or mildew. My wife and I are both average height and weight, so that is not the issue. Contacted Zinus and they requested pictures of the mattress showing the mattress wear in the center along with pictures of manufacture date tag and receipt from Amazon.

People had mentioned a slight smell in other reviews. I gave the mattress three weeks to air out and inflate before putting bedding on it. After a few months of use, I noticed that the bed was lacking on the foam rebound so I started rotating it every month. It is December now and the bed has lost all of its luster. The musty smell that emanates from the mattress did not decrease after three weeks, even after zipping it into a mattress cover.

I received my mattress without incident, but after giving it two weeks I decided it is way too soft for me (I feel like my head and feet and elevated and the rest of me is in a “u” shape). On their website, it says to contact them if you have a compressed mattress to return as there are special return procedures. I have been trying to return the mattress every day since then, calling and leaving messages with the company (I wanted to see if they had another firmer option for me) and emailing them directly.

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